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Marvin Matthews
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About Marvin Matthews
When Marvin was six years old, his first grade teacher told him he could go to a school closer to his home in inner-city Washington, D.C. to avoid a long bus ride across town every day. Hearing that, Marvin promptly transferred himself to a new school. That take-charge, "do-what-needs-to- be-done" attitude obviously is an integral part of Marvin's personality. His music is simply further evidence of that trait. He sees a need and finds a way to meet it.

Marvin has nine recordings to his credit and two video presentations. As always, there's a touch of jazz, a bit of hip-hop, some light pop and, of course, the traditional gospel music foundations upon which his music rests. He has made sure his projects provide something special for every listening ear while maintaining the integrity of his call to be an exceptional artist.

One music industry insider stated, "Marvin Matthews is the music industry's best-kept secret." That's high praise indeed for someone who once thought he wasn't cut out for a career in music. Marvin initially planned a career as an attorney. He pursued the study of law at St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico before transferring to Wayland Baptist University in Plainview, Texas. "Everybody I knew as a kid growing up could sing or play an instrument," he says, "so I didn't think I was anything out of the ordinary." But Marvin is hardly ordinary.

Marvin began studying music at age eight. His credits include then include starting the first gospel choir at his junior high school in D.C., touring Romania at 18, being the featured soloist with the world-famous Spurrlows, singing contemporary music in opera houses throughout Europe, electrifying the Philippines on Martin After Dark (the number one rated television show in that country, and singing and singing and singing!  When one asks about Marvin's performance schedule, the list goes on.

He has sung in some of the finest venues in America, toured Korea, Japan, and all of Europe, and has led leaders and congregations in exuberant music various conferences including M.O.P.S. (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) Convention, OCEA (Ohio Christian Educators Association), J & J Music Conferences: for music industry professionals, The National Childrens' Pastors Conferences, Southern Baptist Convention, The Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Atlanta and Sydney, and a score of other national and international gatherings around the world.

A tireless concert artist, Marvin has worked with a host of popular artists including Debbie Boone (You Light Up My Life), Andrae Crouch, the late Bob Hope, Mark Lowry, Little Richard, Karen Wheaton, Deniece Williams (Let's Hear It For The Boy and Too Much, Too Late, Too Little, with Johnny Mathis), and CeCe Winans (Count On Me with Whitney Houston).
His exuberant personality combined with his unique vocal talent and compassionate spirit crosses all socio-economic and racial lines. He's a natural, whether on a concert stage performing with a symphony, or standing on a stage with his soundtracks and a small band. His enthusiasm envelops the listener.

In reflection of Marvin's artistic roots and the priceless memories of family, he recalls vivid recollections of his mother singing hymns to herself when he was very young. He laughingly now notices the popular hip-hop and pop sounds resonating from his children's rooms. He believes the songs his mother sang gave her the strength she needed to raise six children alone. He believes the songs he sings will give his children their foundations for life so that they not only live well, but become substantial contributors to humanity.

Family is very important to Marvin both family of origin and family of choice. The spiritual life of his children has often fueled his desire to be an effective communicator. He explains, "I was sitting in church with my family one Sunday, when I looked down the row to find my children, Leslee and Aaron, sound asleep. We were singing hymns at the time, and I couldn't believe they would sleep through these wonderful songs. After the service, I asked them why, and they said the songs were boring. I realized then that young people today, just like 20 years ago, aren't necessarily tuned into the music of their parents. So I set out to find a way to make music that is appealing and life-giving.  In a world that must learn to celebrate diversity, I am committed to living authentically with diversity!"

Marvin's desire is to affect change and provide a place of joy where hopelessness has prevailed. He really "sings because he is happy and he sings because he is free!"

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